Michael Joseph James is a music & television production veteran. He's a 3rd generation Universal Studios employee, but left the studio as a music composer rep. He placed main title music for "Seinfeld", "Who's the Boss?", and "227". At 525 Post, Michael put producers and facility together for ABC's "Twin Peaks". Back at Universal, he oversaw the MCA Records consolidation project of the ABC, Dunhill, Checker/Chess, and Paramount masters. Next, post-production coordinator for NBC's "Law & Order" and "Crime & Punishment". "Northern Exposure" as an assistant sound editor.

In 1991, JMS Video Universal City was formed. Along with actor reels, JMS produced promos for MCA/Universal's Television & Tour Groups National Sales force. Sony Pictures contracted JMS for it's monthly Music Video Reel of current artists. Celebrity tribute reels became a specialty.

Michael produced Sundance's DEVO/BECK concert (airing on Bravo!) with 2200 in attendance. Other film fest credits include the Los Angeles Int'l Film Fest, and the Savannah Film Festival - where he's on the Advisory Board. His years as a freelance shooter/editor at KCBS/KCAL, Fox Sports, E!, ABC, and Bravo added hard-news ENG, sports, and magazine shooting expertise. Clients & producers count on Michael James for creativity, professionalism, and "good phone".



Puffer comes to us from China. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Botany, he flew around Pike Place Market in Seattle - spending his time consoling disenfranchised and depressed fish. Finding a niche in Healing, Puffer got his MFCC certification in Family Counseling from the Univ. of Washington. He amassed fame & wealth as the "Guru of the Northwest", but lost his fortune to gambling. He was forced into the role of a rubber Blowfish, and sold to JMS Video Universal City in 2001. Three years clean & sober, he spends his time pondering the complex questions of JMS employees and clients. Though his habit of heavy breathing keeps some at a distance, Puffer is admired and respected for his insight and prickly wisdom.